Senior Care

Do you have old parents to take care and attend to your demanding job as well? If yes, it must be playing hard on your mind how to have a well-balanced life with some reliable help to attend to your aging parents. Worry not since My Family Care Center is here to take the charge of caring for your parents efficiently.
The center offers independent programs where seniors can enjoy interaction with people of similar age and have a good social life. The services offered are varied and cover a wide spectrum like senior citizen activities, meals, specialized treatments. The programs offered here are flexible that suit everyone. 
Now, you can leave your ageing parents under the able scrutiny of our skilled staff and leave for your daily chores. The care center offers a friendly and secure environment where seniors can intermingle and take apart in a number of activities that keep them engaged and healthy. Right from organizing short walks, treks, picnics to morning exercises, the center also offers state of the art medical services. For those people who have problems related to transportation, the center offers shuttle services to and fro. These services are offered at reasonable prices that are far more economical than having full time nursing help at home. 
If you want your old parents or grandparents to be loved and nurtured, it is here that you will find all your answers. Feel free to contact our staff today!