Safety Center


Are you parents looking out to baby proof your homes so that your children can stay safe and sound while indulging in many of the fun things kids do at their age? If yes, then you have come to the right place where we, the experts in offering child care, would enlighten you, ‘the budding parents ‘about the whole system of safeguarding your houses for the safety of your kids.

Homes are meant to offer a perfect childhood experience for each and every child. These are places where children take their first tiny steps and go on to become full fledged people who can face the world with confidence. However, a home can also turn out to be place where you, as a child may have had the most horrendous experience of falling down and getting injured.  Do you remember ever to have fallen down a staircase while playing with your siblings? If yes, then it is possible in all probability that your home wasn’t secured enough to offer safety.

Well, a kid can suffer some major injuries from a number of things present in a home. There are areas like the staircase, drawing and dining, garden, garage and play area that need to be safeguarded for preventing any hazards. For families with crawling toddlers, one must make sure that their rooms are free of any clutter that may make the child fall and injure him.

Most kids fall prey to sharp objects that are present in rooms like sharp edges of tables and chairs, corners projecting out that can poke into the eyes and cause massive damage. Hence, to avoid such terrible accidents, one must baby proof these by fixing corner caps or covers that are available easily in the market. There are cases where babies have got injured by putting their fingers in electric sockets that are easily reachable. For countering this problem, parents have to put socket plugs inside for preventing electrocution. Many of us who do not get such stuff outside can fill these empty sockets with chalk or some other hard material that cannot be removed by a baby.

Kitchens, of all the places are perhaps the most risky areas to let your kids in. But, kids being kids will always drop by such places, much to your surprise and end up getting hurt. How do you prevent it? Well, a kitchen has to be branded a place that must not be visited by your children at any cost. The best way of doing this is to fix up a barrier, either made of wood or steel in order to restrain kids from entering it. For preventing any burns from spillage, always ensure that your gas stove is covered with a guard that would prevent your child from getting scalded badly.

We tend to do everything to safeguards our kids, but somehow or the other end up forgetting a thing or two about dangerous chemicals and medicines that are often the culprit in causing injuries of grievous nature to our kids. As responsible parents, it is a must that all these chemicals are stored away in locked up cupboards that are not accessible to toddlers.