Pet Care

Pets are like babies that need love and nurturing equally. It becomes our duty to cater to their every single need and hence, when it comes to leaving them to attend to some urgent work assignment or going on a trip, one must take all measures to see to their safety and wellbeing. 
Day care for pets has long been there, but in modern times, these have transformed into specialised businesses that cater to every little detail about pet keeping and caring. Day cares like My Family Care is a reputable care centre that offers specialised pet care services to ensure that you leave your pet safely with us. We offer both in-house and outhouse pet sitting services that are rendered by highly skilled and affectionate staff that ensure that your canines or felines are treated as children. 
Right from offering clean and well-furnished accommodation, play areas to washrooms, we offer the best to your lovable pets. Also, there are doctors on call that offer emergency treatments if need arises. The food offered is nutritional plus we also organise birthday parties for your pooches.