Child Care

The concept of child care or as we commonly refer to as day care is not new. But, in today’s times when both parents are working, childcare has transformed into a fully-fledged industry with hundreds of day care centers popping up every day and at every corner around the world. But, the million-dollar question is how to differentiate between a good and an efficient day care center and the rest?

Well, that’s what My Family Care Center is here to answer! Operated by a dedicated team of professional staff, the center offers state-of-the-art childcare facilities where your child can learn in an environment that motivates young minds to explore. Most day care centers today focus on an overall development of children where kids get educated through “play” concepts. My Family Care offers enough opportunities for your child to develop cognitively as well as develop gross motor skills that are taught by our efficient teaching staff.

Most of these services can get very expensive, but we offer these programs at more cost effect rates that can work for every family’s budge. In addition to developmental learning programs, all of our childcare professions will look after your children was you would, offering you more peace of mind when you’re away. For information, email us your questions!