Interview tips for hiring babysitters


The concept of babysitting is not a new one. It has been practiced for ages and is still going strong with hundreds of parents searching out for reputable and good profiled babysitters. Selecting an efficient babysitter is a tough job and most of the time; parents have to manage with their neighborhood teens that can babysit their toddlers while they are out. Many a times, choosing these youngsters is not the best solution and one might end up facing a lot of flak in the form of thefts and child injuries. Hence, in order for you to feel secured about your child’s safety, here are a few basic tips one can follow when taking an interview of the prospective candidates. Here they are:


·         Always start from basic: In order for you to build up a comfortable face to face relation with the candidate, it is always better to start from very basic or core questions that would offer you a glimpse into the personality traits of the person getting interviewed. Such questions would pertain to the following:

1.     Name of the candidate along with his or her address, phone number, age, marital status, citizenship details.

2.     Whether the candidate would be comfortable babysitting on weekends, evenings or even after kids come back from school.

3.     Whether the candidate would offer his or her services at a short notice or on immediate call.

4.     The cost at which the candidate would offer his or her services.

5.     If the candidate can offer the name of two to three people or references with whom he or she has worked.

·         Set up a comfortable ambiance for the interview: For getting the best of responses from your prospective babysitters, it is recommended that you create a very positive atmosphere where both of you can feel free to talk. In majority of cases, it has been found that people often tend to make the whole interview process very tiring that results in the candidate getting jitters from day one. As such, always ensure that you present a friendly atmosphere where a person can feel free to talk openly.

·         Try to get the conversation rolling by asking free flowing questions: Parents in order to choose the best candidate for babysitting their kids, often become so engrossed in discussing money matters that they overlook the candidate’s efficiency to deal with problems that are typically associated with kids. For example, if you get an affordable babysitter, it is most possible that you may want to select him or her as this person suits your budget. But, the saying ‘money cannot buy the best employee’ holds true as you never know whether the person fits being your kid’s babysitter. He or she may turn out to be alcoholic or a drug addict. Hence, in order to go deep into the personality traits of your candidate, always make light conversations like experience in handling kids, types of activities loved when interacting with kids and alike.

·         The interview should allow the candidate to ask a few of his or her queries with openness. This will set the ground for an easy going round and will help you select the perfect babysitter for your children.